Opal ring gone back to its roots

one of a kind boulder opal ring with textured band

Australian boulder opal making its way back home!

The beautiful Australian boulder opal in this Rugged opal and sterling silver ring has had many admirers, online and at a recent show. It finally went to a great new home on the other side of the globe the other day, in Australia no less. Funny how things sometimes go full circle. This stone was mined and cut in Australia, came to me via France, made into this gorgeous ring, and now it’s made its final journey back to where it started, with the lovely Abi! 

Lovely feedback

Abi was really pleased with her ring, which I believe is a gift from her mum, lucky lady! This is what Abi had to say about it (from Instagram @carinlindbergjewellery):

“Thanks for another beautiful ring @carinlindbergjewellery. Fits like a glove, love the stone and happy to take it back to it’s home. ❤️ ✈️??”

Don’t you just love a “happy ending”?!

one of a kind boulder opal ring with textured band
Boulder opal ring on hand

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