“Rocks” inspire me

Rocks of all kinds are the inspiration for my one of a kind gemstone and silver jewellery. They act as the focus points of the rings, necklaces and earrings I make, and also inspire shapes and textures of the metals that tie them together.

I love taking a humble beach pebble and making it into something even more precious by combining it with a sapphire or a diamond. The contrast in materials and perceived preciousness is exciting to me!

In almost every piece a rock or gem takes centre stage. From beach pebbles via minerals and semi-precious gems to the precious gems ending with diamond, you will see the full spectrum of nature’s own art in the stones or “rocks” I use.

My fused organic silver surfaces take inspiration from the rugged cliffs and rocks of the north Cornish beaches and coastline. Tactile beach pebbles inspire my hand cast silver pebbles and the frosted finishes. The ragged surfaces of the slate that is so prevalent in Cornwall inspire textures and etched patterns and the beautiful herringbone hedges (walls) also serve as inspiration for design, patterns and textures.

What I can do for you

I design and make contemporary jewellery for women and men who appreciate the story, the passion and the craftmanship that goes into the handmade work of an independent designer maker. Almost all of my work is one of a kind which means you will get a piece of jewellery that nobody else has. If you love individuality, feeling creative and being a bit different then I can help. I make ready to ship pieces as well as take commissions so there will always be an option for you.

I take pride in using quality materials, scouring the world, including my local beaches, for unusual and interesting stones. I use recycled metals wherever possible and recycle my own scrap. I always strive to design and create with great workmanship and to offer the best of customer service. In short, everything that I would expect myself, from an independent maker.

I welcome commissions and would love to discuss making a special piece to your personal taste, so do please contact me for an initial chat.

You can read more about the inspiration behind my jewellery, a bit about me, and how I ended up here, below.

Customer Feedback

Lovely feedback from commission customer Carol. Read more about her ring commission and the rest of her feedback.

Handmade dendritic agate and sterling silver ring commission

“I cannot recommend Carin too highly – I have commissioned many pieces of jewellery before, but have never had a better experience. I see Carin as being the best type of artisan – one who not only provides artistic guidance, advice and a totally seamless service, but also a gifted jeweller who has the ability to make beautiful pieces of wearable art that her customers adore.”

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Scandi meets Cornish

My jewellery making lets me combine my passion and love for Scandinavian design and my Swedish heritage, with the Cornish ruggedness of my surroundings.

This broadly results in two distinct design styles; the Scandi style with contemporary, understated elegance and natural simplicity; and the Cornish style with raw and rugged textures, contrast and asymmetry, inspired by the surroundings here on the north Cornish coast where I live and create.

How it all started

So how did I end up doing this in the first place? I grew up with a creative mum, she was often learning new crafts and loved making everything look the best it could around our home too. She imprinted a love for tasteful and contemporary design in me and I think I inherited her discerning tastes!

In recent years I have also come to discover that I actually come from a line of metal smiths, more specifically blacksmiths! My grandfather was an accomplished blacksmith and his ancestors before him also worked in the trade. So, I like to think that I am keeping it in the family by continuing the line of metal smiths, in my own way!

I often have an urge to change things I see, I want to put my own spin on it and make things different. This is also the main reason I became a jewellery smith! I am not a cookie cutter jeweller at all, I love making and wearing unique things, using my own ideas to turn beautiful stones into pieces of wearable art. And that is how I feel I can help my customers, by giving you unique jewellery with distinct styles, interesting and unusual combinations and materials made into pieces that only you have and can cherish for years to come.

So, as I’ve already mentioned, I originally come from Sweden where I grew up in a small town in the south. Whilst at university I had the opportunity to study in Edinburgh for 6 months. After finishing my Masters degree in animal science back in Sweden, I got a job in the UK and moved to Bath in Somerset. Fast forward 8 years, during which time I worked as a genetics technical assistant, a web designer and a mobile phone developer (yes, quite a varied career!), we decided we’d had enough of the rat race. Me and my partner (now husband) decided to move lock, stock and barrel to Boscastle on the north coast of Cornwall, where we now live with our 2 children.

I started making jewellery sometime during 2004, firstly with beaded jewellery but I soon moved to learn wire wrapping and then silversmithing which I really enjoy. At first it was just for myself, but soon I realised others were interested, so I started selling my work online and at local fairs. Since moving to Cornwall the jewellery has taken over full time and I now sell online and in a few select shops and galleries. I also take on quite a few commissions.

That’s it! The potted history of how I became a jewellery smith and started my own jewellery business.

This is me

Leisurely walk at Holywell Bay beach

Hi there, I’m Carin and I’m the designer and maker behind all the jewellery you see here.

I originally come from Sweden where I grew up in a small town in the south. After finishing university I ended up working and living in the UK and these days I live with my husband and 2 children in the small village of Boscastle, on the rugged north Cornish coast.

When I am not spending time with my family, lovely friends, or making jewellery, I am very likely to be found making music of one kind or another! I love singing in choirs, groups, or by myself. I also play the piano, which is another pastime I have re-discovered, after having had a break for pretty much 20 years! I’m delighted to say that my children are also enjoying music and I do my best to support my son who plays the cello and guitar, and my daughter who plays the violin. I even play the piano in their youth string orchestra! My husband is perhaps less musical, but he is considering taking up the triangle…!

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