New blue gemstone pendants!

New blue gemstone Rugged pendants

3 new fabulous one of a kind pendants have just gone live in the Rugged Collection. Vibrant Turquoise, deep teal blue Tourmaline and amazing dark blue Opal. These duo pendants are really a 3-in-1 necklace; you can wear either one on its own or both for three different looks.⁣

Amazing dark blue Opal duo pendant with gold accent

This pendant duo has a gorgeous blue opal (it’s even got some pink flash!) teamed up with a silver drop pendant with 18 ct gold accents. An organic overlay of luscious gold to give it a hint of luxury. The rest of the silver drop is oxidised to a dark patina and the opal is set in a bright, brushed matte finish. I love this look, with the added gold!

Blue opal and textured sterling silver necklace

Deep teal blue Tourmaline pendant

Next up is this stunning deep teal blue Tourmaline bezel set in buttery smooth sterling silver. Plus a textured silver drop with characterful patina and a brushed finish. Wear either pendant individually, or both together for 3 different looks.⁣

Teal blue Tourmaline pendant necklace in sterling silver

Vibrant Turquoise pendant

This gorgeous vibrant turquoise and sterling silver drop has a bright brushed finish with polished high spots. Turquoise looks stunning on a summer tan, and most of us have had plenty of opportunity to get one of them recently!…⁣

Turquoise and sterling silver pendants

And a Pebble pendant too!

Of course you noticed that I snuck a pebble pendant in that picture! I also finished a beautiful pendant with a local Cornish beach pebble and frosted silver pebbles, this past week, so I added that to the shop too.

Beach pebble and silver pendant

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