Glorious gemstones on the bench

Glorious, glorious gemstones on the bench

Glorious gemstones!

These beauties are sitting on my bench! I think beautiful gems are helping me through these tough times actually, they inspire me and I can dream for a moment while looking at these stunning natural stones.

Next week I’ll be making these gorgeous gems into something, but what? Rings, pendants? Let me know what you fancy seeing! I’m thinking possibly Rugged collection duo pendants, so one of these in a simple bezel worn together with a textured silver pendant…. maybe in bright finish for a fresh spring look?

From left to right they are; a stunning opal with pools of blues to die for! Next up is a vibrant turquoise, and I dare you to say that this colour doesn’t cheer you up! And lastly but certainly not least, we’ve got an absolutely stunning teal blue-green tourmaline, a clear favourite stone to work with! I’ve added a piece of silver sheet behind it to show how it will look set on silver, as this gem is semi-transparent.

Tourmaline, turquoise and opal gemstone on the bench

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