10 new Rugged cluster pendants in the shop!

10 new Rugged cluster pendants in the shop!

Finally they’re here!! The 10 new Rugged cluster pendants that I’ve been promising and showing sneaky peeks of on social media a LOT recently!

Just to remind you of what the Rugged collection is all about, I wrote this little summary about it:

The Rugged collection is inspired by the spectacularly rugged north Cornish coastline with its cliffs and rock textures. The ever changing colour of the waters; from pale grey-blue through vibrant turquoise, to deep emerald green. From the hazy white of sea mist and the vibrant greens of the surrounding landscape, to the moody greys of stormy skies. Textured metals and gloriously gleaming gems portray all of this, in a collection full of character, attitude and colour, just like north Cornwall. A piece of Cornwall to treasure and enjoy every day.

In this shop update, we’ve got a glorious selection of gleaming juicy gems, set in the Rugged collection trademark rough textures with added patina for drama and depth. There is a gemstone for everyone here really, just take your pick! And you can combine your pendants with a solid silver Rugged pendant or a “paperclip” loop pendant. These do look good clustered together, and of course you can add new pendants to your stash and create lots of different combos depending on mood.

Starting with the ever popular blues; here’s a glorious geometric shaped Kyanite pendant, followed by the much asked for teal blue Tourmaline, the popular pale blue Aquamarine, gorgeous Turquoise and vibrant Lapis Lazuli. I love the blues!

Kyanite and textured silver pendants
Teal ToTeal blue Tourmaline and textured silver pendantsurmaline and textured silver pendants
Aquamarine and textured silver Rugged pendants
Turquoise and textured silver pendants
Lapis Lazuli and textured silver pendants

Next up are the greens, definitely giving blues a run for its money, especially when you see this awesome deep green Tourmaline and the juicy chartreuse green Peridot!

Green Tourmaline and textured silver pendants
Peridot and textured silver pendants

Lastly but by no means least; it’s the neutrals. This first one is a stunner, it’s a new stone to me and one I intend on sticking with! It’s a dendritic agate, with beautiful fern like inclusions in semi-opaque white agate. I hope to write a separate blog about these gorgeous stones, watch this space.

Dendritic agate and textured silver pendants

And finally we’ve got two of my absolute favourite stones; to work with and to wear; Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone. On those days when you don’t know what to wear and maybe you don’t want an in your face colour, something elegant that maybe complements a simple minimal outfit, these beauts are the ticket.

Labradorite and fused silver pendants
Rainbow moonstone and textured silver pendant with extra silver pendants

That’s it folks! Coming up next in the Rugged collection will be some one of a kind rings and then hopefully some new summer earrings.

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