Spring plans: inspired by Cornish slate

Slate collection plans for spring 2024

Inspiration for this quarter

I’ve been doing a bit of business planning for the first quarter of 2024 and decided I would spend some time creating a small body of pieces with my etched slate texture. I created a few pieces a few years ago and have wanted to revisit this idea ever since. So here goes!

The slate design

The three pieces I created back along featured etched textured bases directly on the patterns of a slate surface. I used this pattern to create an outline which I then etched into silver and used this as feature textures on a ring, a pendant and a pair of stud earrings.

My plans

So I will be experimenting with the etching process again, hoping that my trusty (?) laser printer will happily print my etch resists so I can use them to etch. I’m hoping to create some silver only pieces; a tapered ring, some stud and drop earrings and perhaps a bangle or cuff.

Then I also want to incorporate gemstones of course! I have plans for a pair of earrings with slate textures and blue topaz. Also, ideas for a necklace with set gemstones and slate patterned components. And finally a brooch featuring slate textures and gemstones, possibly a beach pebble too! That might also be the next step to this, making more pieces with pebbles cut into slices and gently polished as I’ve done in previous pieces. The brooch idea comes from wanting to have a go at making brooches, another idea I’ve had for a while. We’ll see how much mileage there is in that, I’m not sure how popular brooches are these days!

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