A little coastal inspiration video

Coastal Inspired Jewellery

A little coastal inspiration video

I’ve been wanting to learn how to use a professional video editing software for ages now and decided to make it part of my training and marketing jobs this past month. I had a lot of fun but also lots of frustration because of course there is a reason why film editor is a profession all in itself…. It’s a huge learning curve and a vast subject area!! I have only scratched the very surface of it in this video and used what I already had in terms of little video snippets and still shots, but using software it’s possible to work some magic on them and make them look a lot more impressive than they do just on their own. I’d love to make more like this, but might have to take a break for a bit now and recover a little after the video editing burnout LOL!!

This video features my men’s/unisex wide textured bands and funnily enough I had a little flurry of orders for these recently. The textures are fabulous and I make them in sterling silver only, or with 18k gold accents on sterling silver, as in the film. I can make these to whatever width you like of course and in your size. If you have any specific requirements do fill out the commission enquiry form to get started.

Here’s my little coastal inspiration video now, enjoy!

Of course you probably already know that I also make lots of jewellery with these textures that also incorporate gemstones, diamonds and even beach pebbles. You can find them in my Rugged Collection. Most of my work is one of a kind and a sure way to guarantee seeing the work first is to sign up to my email list, which you can do below:

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