Denise’s Rainbow moonstone ring in textured silver

Rugged Rainbow Moonstone ring in textured sterling silver

Rainbow Moonstone ring commission

When I was contacted by Denise to make a ring with Rainbow Moonstone, I was delighted, as I love moonstones, they are soooo beautiful! Not only did I manage to find this amazing flashy gem, but I also managed to nab another almost identical one, and a large oval too!

This ring is a beauty, the stone has such gorgeous rainbow flash and the milky white goes so well with my Rugged style textures. The beautiful moonstone is set very simply onto a heavily textured and oxidised ring band, a combination that works a treat. A bit of rugged simplicity!

The photo of the stone doesn’t really do it justice, so here’s a video showing you the amazing flashy glow of the Rainbow Moonstone.

Do you want one too?!

This ring will soon be going to its new home, but as I said, I do have another of these gorgeous gems, along with a larger oval. They’re both sitting here ready to be made into something special for a lucky someone! 😉 Do get in touch if you would like something made, for yourself, or as a gift. And of course, it doesn’t have to be a ring; a pendant or necklace are other options with these beautiful stones. I look forward to hearing from you!

Commission your own!

If you would like me to help make a beautiful gift for someone, or even yourself, then do get in touch and I would be very happy to discuss your project!

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