Sunday at the beach, and a sneaky peek

Today started with a trip to the beach for my son’s surf club session. The sun wasn’t quite coming through at first and it started off a bit chilly, but thankfully it did come out of the clouds and made it a lovely morning. This is from Crackington Haven beach, which is a favourite of ours, a lovely small beach near us, just 10 minutes drive up the road. This particular “frame” of view has turned into my trade mark shot. The spectacular cliff face on the right of the beach, I just love that view!

And here’s a few other photos I took today. I love this first one, the rocks look like they are coming up from below, like a buried ship wreck cutting through the sand, or a ghost ship rising up, like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean!

I can never get enough of these kinds of photos I think. I just love the sand, the sea weed, the rocks with their barnacles and limpets and of course the ever changing sea! 

Just like last week, today I also took the opportunity of snapping a few shots of a new ring commission. This is a men’s wedding ring in my distinctly textured Rugged collection, with re-cycled gold flecks adding a bit of contrast to the silver. I love taking photos of pieces from the Rugged collection on the beach – after all this collection is inspired by the rocks on these very beaches! It’s all about the rough textures and glorious gems (although not in this ring!) and it just looks like they have been born out of the rocks!

The next photo (yes, and there’s that cliff face again!) looks a bit moody, like it’s later in the day, when in fact it was only about lunchtime. However, it seems appropriate to use it to finish off this post, and look forward to next Sunday for some more quality time at the beach. But I promise that there will be more jewellery in my next post. Until then!

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