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Moody morning at polzeath beach cornwall

EDIT: The Rugged collection is now live!

Before I moved to Cornwall I quite often thought how cliche to talk about being “inspired by the sea”, everybody who lives anywhere near the sea does that! Not me, I foolishly thought! I’ve had to eat humble pie though, because since moving here I’ve realised that you just can’t help but be inspired by the sea and the coastal landscape, it gets under your skin somehow! I grew up in the southern Swedish highlands and the only water we had nearby was in the form of lakes, and although beautiful, they’re a different thing altogether. I occasionally went to the seaside but never felt that draw to the sea that a lot of people seem to have.

Texture and colour!

Since I moved to Bocastle my colour palette has changed from mainly black, grey and neutrals to include blues, greens and brighter colours generally, and whereas I used to make all patinated (blackened) silver jewellery, I now also make bright brushed designs. Also, even though a lot of my work was and still is quite simple and understated with a natural elegance, I’m also very drawn to richly textured silver and the depth and character it gives jewellery. I’ve struggled with this style dilemma for a long time, and still do a little. I’ve been trying to fight the two different and contrasting styles or aesthetics. Traditionally you are told to “stick to one thing, do that well”, “don’t try to do too many things”, “niche down”. But, to my relief and great excitement I was given advice by a well renowned and respected marketing expert of creative crafts, that perhaps I need to actually embrace the fact that there are two sides to my work, just as there is to me as a person. I guess I’m a little bit of a split personality, ha ha!

New collection

So going forward I will work with 2 quite distinct style directions, the simpler naturally elegant one, and the one with more textures, depth and colour. This has brought about a new collection that picks up on my draw to texture and colour, inspired by… yes, you’ve got it – the Cornish coastline! Especially the north Cornish coast with its rugged and quite spectacularly wild coastline. The rugged textures of the cliffs and rock formations you find on this northern coast, and the colours of the sea, sky, sand and the landscape that surrounds me where I live. To show you what I mean (just in case you’ve missed this little part of the world!) I’m going to take to using photos, because as we know “a picture can tell a thousand words”. So here we go, a little slideshow of selected images from Boscastle, Crackington Haven, Widemouth Bay and Polzeath.

The Rugged collection is now live!

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Carin Lindberg Jewellery, strolling at Holywell Bay

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