Glorious Cornwall

It was such a glorious day yesterday, I have a very burnt neck to show for it! Pale Scandi skin combined with freckles, and of course – I never learn!… So Sundays are back to summer time now, with surf club for my eldest every Sunday morning. Tough job having to go to the beach every Sunday, but someone’s gotta do it! In the wintertime they do their training at an indoor swimming pool, but they have recently started back outside again. Crackington Haven beach is one of our nearest and dearest beaches and that’s where we spend most of our Sunday mornings from now on, during the summer and into autumn.

Chilling at Crackington Haven beach, Cornwall

Yesterday, I also took the opportunity of photographing a few new rings for the Rugged collection. I had some awesome photos taken by talented local photographer Sean Gee, when I launched last year. However, when I make new pieces now, most of them are just taken on a simple plain background. So, I thought I would have a go myself at taking some “coastal” shots. So here’s one of them, more to come soon, and the rings will be listed in the collection soon too.

Aquamarine and green tourmaline rings; one of a kind with textured silver and gemstone

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The day carried on with a Sunday roast at the Tintagel Brewery Farm Shop and a quick visit to the YHA at Tintagel, which has the most amazing setting high up on the coastline, and views to die for!

Glorious view from YHA in Tintagel, Cornwall
Fabulous coastline view from Tintagel YHA, Cornwall

We then finished off the day with an ice cream at home in Boscastle Harbour. A truly gorgeous day with the family and grandma and granddad, who have been visiting us during the last two weeks. It’s on days like this that you get reminded of what life is all about!

Fishing boats in Boscastle harbour, Cornwall

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