Of course you can wear beach pebble jewellery to the beach!

You can wear jewellery to the beach

Wearing beach pebble jewellery to the beach

Of course your can wear jewellery to the beach! Nothing could be more appropriate than wearing beach pebbles to the beach, it IS their natural “habitat” after all! My ever popular slate beach pebble stack pendant necklaces are perfect for laid back beach style. Of course they’re absolutely fine to be in water, sun and so on. Just make sure they are rinsed off properly when you get home, to get rid of salt and sand, just like yourself! 🙂

The beach pebble jewellery collection

Pictured above is a group of pebble pendants and matching earrings, just going off for an order. My beach pebble jewellery collection has been going for years and is still going strong, which just goes to show it’s a timeless style. Grab a piece of the Cornish coast for yourself, that you can wear anytime and anywhere, on the Pebble collection page.

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