Pebble jewellery from Cornish beaches

Pebble jewellery made with slate pebbles from Cornish beaches

Making pebble jewellery

One of the perks of my job is that I regularly have a valid reason to go to the beach. Not that you actually need one, it’s always justified going to the beach, it gives you an instant lift! ūüôā As I make beach pebble jewellery, now and then I have to go and stock up on these gorgeous little tactile slate pebbles, which is actually work, but doesn’t feel like it.

One of my favourite nearby beaches is Widemouth Beach, on the way up to Bude from me here in Boscastle. It’s a lovely long part pebble beach and even at high tide I can usually find stone suitable for making into pieces for my Pebble collection.

The sea never disappoints! Not only does she provide me with the raw materials for a collection that have always proven popular, but also inspiration for my Rugged collection and general well being. Most problems seem smaller once you’ve had the cobwebs blown away and a bit of salt and sand on your face, and sometimes even sunshine!

Picking pebbles at Widemouth beach, Cornwall

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