More green tourmaline jewellery!

Green tourmaline rings, handmade in Cornwall by Swedish jewellery Carin

Green tourmaline jewellery

Green tourmaline is proving to be a firm favourite with my customers! I’ve recently made these two rings, both with stones from this little batch of beautifully shaded green tourmaline. The Rugged style ring of course, I wrote about the other day, go check that out, along with feedback from Wendy.

A little tweak

The ring with the rectangular stone was made for the lovely Lisa, and initially we decided on a gently hammered band and a brushed finish (see the top part of the photo). It was a nice enough ring, but it just didn’t seem to do that stunning stone justice, so she suggested we use patina to make it stand out more. I added a completely midnight black patina to the whole piece and left it like that (see bottom view of the photo), rather than polish back the high spots, as I normally do. I love the result! Luckily, so did Lisa and we both think the black creates a cool backdrop to the fabulous stone. Sometimes pieces aren’t quite ready even when they’re finished… There is almost always room for improvement, which makes my job really  interesting. For each piece I make, I learn and develop my taste, skills and just generally the understanding for good design and what works for the customer.

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