Lisa’s watermelon tourmaline ring – a spectacular stone!

Lisas watermelon tourmaline ring in textured sterling silver

Finding the right stone for a watermelon tourmaline ring

“…I had high expectations but these have been far exceeded…”

This kind of feedback is a designers dream! Lisa had previously bought another tourmaline ring, so the pressure was on to deliver another gorgeous ring that she would love. It was while trying to find a stone for another ring that we came across this beautiful multi coloured Tourmaline (see below); with colour fading from black/blue, through green to pink. This watermelon tourmaline ring is an absolute one off and a unique stone indeed!

We decided on a design similar to a ring I had made previously (see below), which is why it’s always so useful to look at previously made and sold pieces, when deciding on a design for a commission. It’s always easier to have a starting point from which to design a new piece.

Tourmaline stone choice
Green tourmaline ring in textured sterling silver

Lisa liked the Rugged aesthetic so that’s what we went with. The textured and oxidised silver band is a really cool backdrop to the stunning stone and actually makes the colours look even more vibrant. I was really pleased with how the ring turned out and you can see a couple of shots of it below.

Watermelon tourmaline ring in textured sterling silver
Wearing a watermelon tourmaline ring

Lisa’s reaction

It’s always a little nerve wracking when you deliver a commission, so I was delighted to get Lisa’s feedback. Phew, she loved it! 😀

“She has arrived safe and well. I must admit that I had high expectations but these have been far exceeded. In fact she is perfect! I couldn’t have asked for more, thank you. ❤️”

Commission your own unique ring

It’s rather special to me, to be able to create something that evokes such a response. Equally, to have something made that is made just for you is also a lovely thing. If you think it’s for you, do get in touch to discuss your special project with me.

Commission your own!

If you would like me to help make a beautiful gift for someone, or even yourself, then do get in touch and I would be very happy to discuss your project!

A few more commissions:

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