Jane’s aquamarine stacking ring commission

Jane's aquamarine, silver and gold stacking ring commission

“They will forever be so special to me, thank you for the love and care you have put in to them”

The ring commission design brief

Jane came to me and asked if I could help make her a set of stacking rings with her children’s birth stones (aquamarine and pearl) and possibly their initials or whole name. She wanted them to be made inn sterling silver but also thought it would be lovely with some gold granules. She had seen some of my stacking rings and also loved the faceted band designs that I make.

We talked through some options on how to incorporate all these element in the best way and in a way that suited Jane. There was the option of one ring with all those elements on it, or a stack of 3 rings, each one with its own special meaning. In the end we agreed on a stack of 3 rings; one with an Aquamarine, one with a pearl and one with gold granules. I sent some photographs of stone choices and a choice of size for the pearl, which was to be white, to create a lovely classic ring set.

Jane also liked my faceted bands, so we decided that the band with no stone would be a faceted one. We also decided that to tie them all together even more, we’d have gold granules on all of them in some way.

And of course, the names of her two children stamped inside the gem set ring bands!

Stone options for an aquamarine ring commission

Making the ring commission

I started making the rings and quite soon realised that the width of the bands would make the stack rather chunky and possibly not that comfortable, so we decided to make the faceted band thinner. This would also create a nice contrast and add yet more interest to the set. Sometimes these things only really come out once I start making something, and I will of course always communicate this with my client and discuss the options for going forward.

aquamarine and pearl stacking rings

Ring sizing challenges

One of the challenges of making rings to commission remotely like this, can be that the client either doesn’t know their size at all, or perhaps isn’t quite sure if the size will be right. I often then send a ring sizer in the post, so they can work out their size in peace at home. This is a good way of doing it as the client can then size themselves a few times over a few days, to make sure cold or warm hands aren’t giving a misleading measure.

As an extra measure of making sure they will fit perfectly, I often send the ring bands to the client so they can try them on and make double sure that they fit well. This is most important for stone set rings such as these, as once the stones are set the rings can’t easily be re-sized, especially not made smaller. We did just that with Jane’s rings, also so that she could see the width of the rings and how they would feel, worn together in a stack. In the meantime I worked on the stone settings, so they were ready once I had the bands back with me again.

custom made silver stacking rings with aquamarine. freshwater pearl and 9ct yellow gold

The finished aquamarine stacking ring commission

Once I had the bands back I was able to finish constructing the three rings, set the stones and complete the ring commission. Here they are in all their glory! I was really happy with how this aquamarine ring commission turned out and it was a pleasure to work with Jane, who was very receptive to my ideas and trusted me totally to deliver for her.

Aquamarine and white pearl stacking rings in brushed silver with gold accents

Jane’s feedback

Of course, the most important thing is that Jane was very happy with her new stacking rings, and once she received the rings, she wrote me these very kind words:

“I just want to say thank you so much for these beautiful rings. I felt very emotional when I opened the parcel and put them on. They fit so beautifully and they are very comfortable to wear. They perfectly represent my son and daughter using their birth stones with their names engraved inside and the middle ring as a remembrance for the baby we lost 2013. They will forever be so special to me, thank you for the love and care you have put in to them xxx”

Aquamarine and white pearl stacking rings in brushed silver with gold accents

This is what it’s all about really! I love making jewellery, it goes without saying. I love it even more when I’m able to work to someone’s specific requirements like this, and produce a very special piece that nobody else has, and that has real meaning to the wearer. Thank you Jane, for asking me to make the rings for you!

If you would like something made for you do contact me for a “no strings attached” chat. I would love to help.

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