Carolyn’s aquamarine and silver pebble pendant – replacing a lost treasure

aquamarine and silver pebbles commission

The lost pendant

You may know what it’s like to lose a precious piece of jewellery that you have had for a long time, or that has special meaning to you. It can be really upsetting and leave you feeling frustrated and sad. So when Carolyn came to me and asked if I would make a special piece for her to give her something new to cherish and that over time would become that special piece for her, I was obviously flattered and excited to work with her. She said:

“The pendant I lost had become special over several years. My baby Grandaughters little hands tugged at it and jingled the pendents like a musical instrument! And several attempts had been made to eat it while cooing over it’s silveriness. I would often find myself playing with the charms around my neck, it felt comforting to do so. I felt quite incomplete without it! So I was thrilled to discover you on instagram.”

Carolyn had seen a previous commission of mine, with aquamarine, on Instagram and wanted something along those same lines for herself. We decided on a rose cut aquamarine framed in a simple setting, and two silver pebbles with initials (her own and her husband’s) on them.

We also discussed how we could add to this in the future. A big advantage of one of these “clusters” of little pendants is of course that you can mix and match and add to it over time. It’s a brilliant idea for future presents!

cluster pendant with aquamarine, silver pebble and cross
aquamarines for commissions

The new pendants

After choosing one of these gorgeous powder blue little aquamarine stones, it was given a very simple setting; simplicity is often the best treatment for a beautiful stone! I made the silver pebbles from scratch using thick silver stock, which was painstakingly shaped into two subtly different shapes, and stamped with Carolyn’s and her husband’s initials, which were given a bit of patina to stand out better. Finally, all the silver was brush polished to give a satin smooth final finish.

the making of aquamarine and silver pebbles commission
the making of aquamarine and silver pebbles commission

The finished pendant

So here it is, the finished one of a kind pendant with a faceted pale blue aquamarine gemstone cosying up to the two sleek silver pebbles. The brushed finish adds a modern yet timeless feel to this pendant which, with its understated and elegant look, is the perfect everyday piece, just what Carolyn wanted.

aquamarine and silver pebbles commission
aquamarine and silver pebbles commission

I always like to follow up with my customers to make sure they are happy with their new piece, but also so that they know that I’m still here to help with whatever it may be; re-finishing a current piece, making a new one to complement, or help with a present etc. When doing so, Carolyn wrote these kind words about her now treasured pendant:

“This gorgeous Aquamarine stone and initialed silver pebbles pendant I’ve received from you is already special, knowing you have crafted it just for me. You made my first commission experience a complete pleasure from the start and I look forward to adding to my pendant soon… It also received a resounding thumbs up by both Granddaughters, now old enough you’ll be pleased to hear, to know not to tug! And I’m always playing with charms : )

You can’t get more special than something beautiful you look forward to putting on every morning. A commission made especially for you! Thank you Carin!”

Happy customer, happy me!

Commission your own!

If you would like me to help make a beautiful gift for someone, or even yourself, then do get in touch and I would be very happy to discuss your project!

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