A very Cornish pendant – Tin for 10 years!

beach pebble, tin and cubic zirconia pendant in silver

Nick, from Cornwall, contacted me and wanted a pendant made for his wife, as a 10 year wedding anniversary gift.

The Brief

He had seen a couple of pendants on my Facebook page that he (and his wife!) liked and wanted to have something made combining the design elements from the two. Apart from a Cornish beach pebble, he also wanted to incorporate tin into the design since that is the traditional 10 year anniversary gift.

I had a think about this short brief and suggested to Nick that I would make a sort of cabochon (a flat back “stone”) out of tin and set it just like a stone, into a silver setting. I also thought we’d add a couple of white Cubic Zirconias, to add some sparkle!

To make sure we were on the same page so to speak, I did a very quick sketch of the design I had in mind, which you can see here. Nick was very happy with this and decided to go ahead with it.

design sketch of beach pebble and silver pendant commission
Design sketch for pendant commission.

Work in progress

I had never worked with tin before but I easily sourced some, and it was reasonably straight forward to make up a cabochon style piece and file the back flat, ready to set.

The pendant also had silver granules and two more settings for the zirconia. I made a pattern on the back by drilling holes of varying sizes into an abstract pattern, to make sure the back of the pendant would be attractive as well.

on the bench; pendant in progress, setting made
Pendant commission in progress on my bench.

Finished piece and happy customers!

I was very pleased with the resulting pendant and luckily for me, so was Nick! Here’s what he said when he had received it:

“I received the necklace today. Its amazing, thanks for all your hard work on this, my wife will love it. “

And even more lucky for Nick, his wife absolutely loved it! Apparently there was even a tear or two… How lovely to be part of such a special occasion, albeit in a very small and indirect way! I loved making this piece, really personal and to their own specification with my help and input.

beach pebble, tin and cubic zirconia pendant in silver
The finished beach pebble, tin and CZ pendant.
back of beach pebble and silver pendant
The back is also important!

If this inspired you and you would like to have a piece made just for you, do please contact me and I would love to help!

Ta’ra for now!

Commission your own!

If you would like me to help make a beautiful gift for someone, or even yourself, then do get in touch and I would be very happy to discuss your project!

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