Sarah’s pearl and pebble ring commission

Multi pebble and pearl ring commission

Customising the pebble ring

Sarah owns a holiday let/second home here in Boscastle and I was delighted when she came to me, asking me about a pebble ring commission! We looked through what I already had and she saw my Multi Pebble Ring and really liked it. She also wanted a pendant to match and went with my Multi Pebble Pendant.

I believe it was Sarah’s own idea that we added a pearl to the ring and it’s a great one! She chose a gorgeous pink/mauve freshwater pearl and I set it into the pebbles to one side. I think it works really well. So much so that I might just add this variation to my regular Pebble collection. With Sarah’s permission of course!

A few shots of the pebble ring commission in progress at the bench:

Multi silver pebble ring on the bench
Multi pebble and pearl ring in progress

The ring and pendant set

This is what the set looks like together. It would make a gorgeous gift for someone, perhaps a 50th or an anniversary?

Multi pebble and pearl ring and pendant commission

And here’s the ring as worn (by me!). It does look really lovely with the added pearl and the mauve contrasts beautifully with the bright brushed sterling silver.

Multi pebble and pearl ring commission on hand

The finished pebble ring commission and a happy client

Sarah was delighted with her ring and pendant and sent me this lovely message:

“Thank you Carin. I absolutely adore this ring, I’m thrilled with how the finished piece looks and of course, it goes great with the pendant. I’ve had many compliments.”

I will now leave you with some more simple shots of the finished multi pebble and mauve freshwater pearl ring commission.

Multi pebble and pearl ring commission
Multi pebble and pearl ring commission
Multi pebble and pearl ring commission
Multi pebble and pearl ring commission

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