10 rings in 10 weeks: Ring 4

Uvarovite and kyanite with gold; ring number 4 in the 10 rings in 10 weeks project

10 rings in 10 weeks

I’m hoping my project “10 rings in 10 weeks” is going to allow me to play and encourage my creativity as well as give me a chance to learn some new skills and work on projects that I’ve been wanting to for a long time, but not got around to. Follow my journey from the first to the 10th ring!

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Here we go; ring number 4!

Ring 4: Uvarovite ring in silver and gold with kyanite

This ring is a bit special to me! Firstly I used a stone I’ve never worked with before; Uvarovite…. Bit of a mouthful! It has a vibrant green sugar crystal style surface and I think it looks fabulous! I added in a vibrant blue kyanite with some beautiful striations inside the gem. I wanted to use more gold in this ring, so I decided to top the setting for the kyanite with 18ct gold and I also laminated the shank with gold. This is a way of giving the piece an air of luxe with gold but keeps cost down as the bulk of the ring is made from recycled sterling silver. I gave the silver a deep black patina and kept it that way. Normally I would rub back to reveal high spots, but as there aren’t any here and I wanted the black to contrast against the colourful stones, I kept it. I’m loving the result! Here’s a shot of the components on my bench before the ring was completed.

components on the bench for uvarovite and kyanite ring with gold
Green uvarovite and blue kyanite ring in sterling silver and 18ct gold

The ring is ready to ship in a UK size O.

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