Beach pebble pendant stock up

Beach pebble stack pendants

Beach pebble pendants

These 4 pebble stack pendants have gone off to the lovely Serena Hall Gallery in Southwold, along with a bunch of pebble earrings. The stack pendants are some of my best selling pieces and are always a joy to work with. The natural stones make sure it’s never quite the same, so each pendant is slightly different, in shape, size and colour.

But fear not! It’s not just at Serena Hall Gallery you can get these, you can of course also grab one in my shop, under the Pebble collection.





Come see me and the pebble stacks!

If you want to see these stack pendants and lots more in reality, you should come and see me at Breeze Art and Makers Fair in September, where I will be having stock of these gorgeous pendants along with my Rugged and Simplicity collections.

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