Combine precious sapphire with rustic beach pebbles

precious sapphire and beach pebble jewellery

Precious sapphire and rustic beach pebble in the same jewellery? Yeah, why not?! One thing I love is to combine materials that are perhaps a bit unexpected, and sapphire and pebbles together in jewellery isn’t all that common.

This beach pebble and sapphire pendant was made using a slate pebble from one of my local beaches, combined with a gorgeous grey/taupe coloured faceted sapphire. I really like these opaque sapphires. They are a little bit on the rustic side, which is perhaps why they work so well in a beach pebble combo.

The best thing about this combo is also that of course you’re getting three necklaces in one! Wear just the sapphire, just the pebble, or both, whatever takes your fancy. How about the Pebble to the beach, the sapphire for work, and the combo for everything else?

There are more combo pieces like this in my Pebble collection and the Simplicity collection. Well worth checking out!

Light grey sapphire and beach pebble pendants

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