Messy bench or creative space?

Bench mess or creative space?

Messy bench or creative space?

Time to end bench shame! Here it is, in all its glory – my bench mess! Or as I would prefer to call it, “organised chaos”. Or is it a “creative space”? Some artists don’t want to show their work spaces as they feel ashamed of the state of it. Well, the mess is a natural occurrence among most (not everyone!) creative people. It’s something to do with how our brains work and the way we work best, I think.

My bench is situated in a spare room in the house at the moment, in anticipation of my own “proper” workshop that will hopefully materialise in a building in our back garden, later this year. The current studio is a compact space and I have a lot of stuff to cram in, so this is what it’s like most of the time. However, I know exactly (well, almost!) where everything is, and I take care not to loose precious stones and metals, by storing them in a safe place. Sometimes the mess makes me feel distracted, but a lot of the time it also gives me new ideas. So, until I have a new space, this is it! As I said, I hope to have a workshop with a small gallery space so that I can easily meet clients here, to talk about commissions, or just for anyone who wants to come and see what’s in stock.

Until then you can find my work for sale on this web site. Be sure to check out the Rugged collection, the Pebble collection and the Simplicity collection

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