Petal and Mehndi necklace commission

Petal brushed silver necklace commission with Mehndi petals

The need for Scandi

Now and then the Scandi in me needs to be expressed, and I got the opportunity the other week when I made this commission. This is a great example of a customisation of an existing design, a what I call “almost commission”! The customer wanted my Petal necklace but asked if I could incorporate Mehndi petals as well, so that she could combine it with both types of earrings. Of course I was happy to oblige.

The customised necklace

The necklace has 7 petals at the front, so I changed the 4 smaller ones for Mehndi patterned (etched) ones and the rest of the necklace is as my normal Petal necklace. The handmade chain is fun to make, it’s not every day that I make chains from scratch but this necklace warrants one. It’s a simple bar chain with a simple hook clasp. The silver is brushed matte and the Mehndi petals have some patina applied to bring out the beautiful pattern.

Petal brushed silver necklace commission with Mehndi petals

Here’s a close-up of the handmade chain. This is made entirely from scratch and it’s a rather meditative process, which I quite enjoy now and then!

Detail of chain on handmade Petal necklace

Finally, the earrings that she wanted the necklace to go with. So, as you can see, she can now wear both pairs and they’ll perfectly match the necklace.

Petal and Mehndi brushed drop earrings

Get your own

If you’d like something similar or have another idea for a commission, or an “almost commission”, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we’ll have a chat about it.

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