Craft Festival Cheltenham 13-15 August 2021

Carin Lindberg Jewellery exhibiting at Craft Festival Cheltenham 13-15 August 2021

I’m delighted to be able to say I’m taking part in the prestigious Craft Festival in Cheltenham Town Hall from the 13th to the 15th of August.

Making new one of a kind gemstone jewellery

I’m working away in my workshop to create as many new fabulous pieces as I possibly can for this brilliant show! You can expect lots of one of a kind creations with beautiful and unusual gems and combinations of stones. I’m bringing work from my Pebble collection as well as the Rugged Collection and also a small number of pieces from my Framed Collection. Basically everything that I can manage to finish in time will be coming with me, so there should be plenty to browse. A few in progress shots below!

10 rings in 10 weeks

You may know of my recent “10 rings in 10 week” project, where I created a one of a kind ring each week over 10 weeks, as a way of rekindling creativity and get to play with new and exciting things. The remaining rings from this will be coming with me as a little mini exhibition on my stand. These rings will be for sale along with the rest of my work. Once these 10 rings are gone, they are gone, no more will be made the same. They can however be used as inspiration for new one of a kind pieces, so it’s worth having a good look at them if you’re thinking of commissioning your own ring. You can see some of the rings below.

Each one comes in a beautiful handmade wooden gift box, created from offcuts and end pieces of characterful oak. These boxes are all one offs and really set the 10 rings apart nicely from my other work. You can see a few of them here.

Meet the maker!

Doing real events like this is a really important way to get to know my customers and for them to get to know me. For those who aren’t able to visit the show, I am going to be interviewed on Instagram Live by the lovely Sarah James from Craft Festival, on the Saturday around 11am. You can catch this live on the Craft Festival Instagram. I will be attending the event on my own, so I’m hoping that this will still be able to happen, but if not then Sarah will think of something else to do, which I’m sure will be great too.

Meet the maker Carin Lindberg

Talk about a commission

Coming to the show is also a great opportunity to talk about a commission or special order, face to face, and get to know me a bit. I am hoping to bring stones with me so that I can show you options and once the show is over I will get back in touch with you to discuss how to proceed with a custom piece.

How to get tickets and safety

Since we are still in the aftermath (hopefully!) of the Covid pandemic there are certain restrictions on visitors and of course lots of precautions in place to keep everyone safe, visitors and exhibitors alike. I will be wearing a face covering, as will all exhibitors, and I would encourage visitors to do so as well. I will also have hand sanitiser on the stand and I’m planning on having a way of cleaning the jewellery after customers handle it, so that it’s safe for the next one. I will ask customers to look carefully first, ask questions, and only pick things up if needed and of course if you are interested in a piece, you can try it on etc.

Entry to the show is by advance ticket only. So, to make sure you can visit do get your tickets in good time, as numbers will be limited.

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