New one of a kind rings in textured silver and gemstone!

Green tourmaline and blue topaz ring in textured sterling silver

New rings in textured silver and gemstone

At long last, these three new rings in textured silver and gemstone have dropped into my shop! They are all part of the Rugged collection with their trademark fused, heavily textured silver and gleaming gemstone jewellery.

Tourmaline and topaz ring

First up is this ring with green tourmaline and blue topaz. The smooth tourmaline is a smooth, glossy, chartreuse coloured gem that contrasts so great with the bright blue of the little faceted topaz. A dark patina polished back adds real character to the ring.

One of a kind ring in sterling silver and green tourmaline

Labradorite and textured silver ring

Next one up is another Rugged collection ring; this time a ring with a flashy Labradorite stone. One of my favourite stones, this one is no exception, it’s very flashy blue and makes this a fabulous statement ring.

One of a kind labradorite ring in textured sterling silver

Blue sapphire and textured silver ring

Last but not least is this fabulous sapphire ring. A large drop shaped, faceted precious gemstone, this stone is quite something! It’s set on an offset wide band with plenty of texture and character.

One of a kind blue sapphire ring in textured sterling silver

So there we have it, go check them out, and of course all the other gorgeous pieces in the Rugged collection!

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