Jen Dixon abstract painting and green tourmaline ring

Green tourmaline and blue topaz textured silver ring with Jen Dixon abstract painting

Abstract painting by fine artist Jen Dixon

Even though Jen lives just up the road from me, in a neighbouring village, I hadn’t met her until recently. We are in the same business coaching programme and now meet regularly for planning and sharing, which is great as she is quite a driving force! She generously shared some of her Instagram tips recently and she’s always interested and engaged.

Jen is a fine artist painter and also creates and teaches online tutorials in painting techniques on Skillshare. In fact, she’s one of their top tutors on there, so this lady knows her stuff! Jen paints and teaches in various different mediums and styles, but it’s her abstracts that I particularly love. I think it’s also her own favourite pieces to work on, and it shows!

This painting (above) caught my eye recently on her Instagram profile. Just look how great the colours team up with one of my latest Rugged rings! The green tourmaline and blue topaz colours are reflected in the painting and I also love the contrasting yellow and the one striking orange element.

And here’s another of her painting that I really like:

Jen Dixon fine artist, abstract painting, blue, orange

Check out Jen’s work on her own web site or on her Instagram profile. Also, if you’re interested in learning, or improving your painting skills, she’s as I said a top tutor on Skillshare, where you can check out her many classes!

Oh, and if you fancy the green tourmaline and blue topaz ring you can find it in the Rugged collection along with other Cornish coastline inspired rings and jewellery.

Green tourmaline and blue topaz ring in textured sterling silver

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