Long blue aquamarine stud earrings in brushed sterling silver


PLEASE NOTE: This piece is currently in an exhibition at The Byre Gallery. To purchase it, please go to their web site. If you have any questions or problems with this do contact me.

Serene pale blue aquamarines, glossy and evenly speckled with tiny little dark dots giving them a really gorgeous organic look. The asymmetric style allows use of beautiful stones that are not necessarily a match in size or shape and I love working like this. The powder blue cabochon stones are complemented by the brushed finish on the Seafoam inspired textured silver components. This stunning one of a kind pair are so easy to team with almost any outfit and colour, so their lucky new owner is sure to get a lot of use and pleasure out of them! Do have a look at complementing pieces in the Seafoam collection such as rings and necklaces in gorgeous coastal colours with the distinct but subtle texturing and finish.

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