Tangled silver earrings; inspired by a necklace

Tangled silver earrings

Tangled silver earrings

I recently had a bit of fun at the bench and fused some silver wires into what became a ring band for a beautiful teal blue tourmaline. This made me think that this same principle could be applied to create chain link elements, so that resulted in the hand made chain that I made for the recent Rugged statement necklace with a row of beautiful gemstones. While making those links it led me to think that they would also lend themselves well to a pair of “tangled” silver earrings. So that’s how this pair was born! Sometimes pieces are planned, sometimes they just come out of something else. It’s always interesting how I learn new things and get new ideas from each piece I create. Basically each design can be the inspiration for the next! It’s a constant journey and never gets boring!

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