How you buy the earrings has changed a bit. You will now be sent a link via your newsletter, which takes you to a new product page on the web site where you can buy the earrings as normal (add to basket, checkout etc.). You need a password to access the page, which will be provided in the newsletter.

The Earring Club earrings are all listed on the Earring Club collection page, where you can view (using the password!) and buy this month’s design at the reduced price, as well as designs from previous months, now at normal prices.

This change is a great improvement in terms of admin for myself and also, if you register, next time you buy something your details are already there, you will get order confirmation and shipping emails, and can view your orders. You can still pay by card or by bank transfer etc. You can also check out as guest if you prefer not to register, but this means you can’t go in and view your orders etc.

What's the Earring Club?

The Earring Club gives you the chance to buy a new pair of gorgeous earrings every month, at a reduced price, up to 50% off the retail price.

This offer is only open to my newsletter subscribers who will receive the offer details via email each month. The earrings of the month will become available to buy for anyone, in my shop at the end of the month, at full price.

Sign up to my newsletter (below) to be able to take advantage of this great offer!

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Terms & Conditions:

This offer is open to newsletter subscribers only. Valid as long as stocks last, until the end of the month. Prices includes UK shipping and gift box.

Shipping is included for the UK only. If you are outside of the UK and would like to order these, there is an extra charge which will be added at checkout.

If you have any questions at all about this offer, please contact me.