Liddicoatite tourmaline pendant in recycled textured sterling silver with patina


These stones are something else! It’s a particular type of tourmaline called Liddicoatite which is found in Madagascar. I have a lovely little selection of these gorgeous stones with their intriguing stripy patterns, so if you fancy something made for you, do get in touch. This gorgeous stone is in an elongated hexagon shape, a so called tablet cut, which means it has a flat back and front with facets around the sides. It’s quickly becoming my new favourite cut! I’ve set it into a space inside the recycled pendant with coastal inspired textures and captured it with long claw shaped prongs to show the beautiful pink and green patterns when light shines through it. Patina and polished highlights bring out the textures of the fused silver beautifully. This is a true one of a kind and I’m hoping to make more similar pieces, perhaps also with a bright finish. There is a ring with one of these gorgeous stones available as well.

In stock

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