Australian boulder opal ring in recycled sterling silver, UK size Q

Boulder opal ring – “Stepping stones”

This true one of a kind boulder opal ring features three gorgeous Australian opals  in different colours from white, through turquoise to cobalt blue. The organic gems have gorgeous flashes when the light hits them in different directions, quite magical! These opals are the first ones that I have actually shaped and polished myself, a new skill that I’m honing and hope to put to good use in lots more work in future. So, this is a real first, and a truly unique handmade statement ring. It has the style of stepping stones like you’d find across a river. In fact I cross one regularly while crossing the Valency river here in Boscastle. The band is irregular and splits at one side so has 3 anchor points to the ring top. The beautiful opals are joined by hand cast silver pebbles, I mean stepping stones!

This fabulous statement ring is the 7th in the “10 rings in 10 weeks” project where I will design and make a ring a week for 10 weeks running. Sign up to my mailing list to be sure to see the rings first!


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