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Mark’s sapphire pendant – pretty in pink!

Mark’s sapphire pendant commission This pendant was commissioned by Mark as a gift for his [more]

Pink sapphire earring exclusive!

Pink sapphire earring exclusive! Finished! Here are the pink sapphire earrings I teased you with [more]

Pink sapphire earring exclusive, just in time for Valentine’s

Sapphire earring exclusive Pink sapphire earring exclusive! This one of a kind pair will be [more]

New pink sapphires!

Pink sapphires waiting for you! Pink sapphires… these arrived the other day but as times [more]

New pebble pendants, with diamond and sapphire

New pebble pendants for exhibitions I’ve been busy making new stock for 2 exciting exhibitions [more]

New pebble rings – and sapphire and diamond too!

Pebble rings off to Christmas exhibitions These beauties are now ready to be sent to [more]

Diamonds and sapphires for stacking rings

Have a set of stacking rings made with these diamonds and sapphires I have just [more]

Geometric simplicity; pearl, sapphire and silver

Pearl and sapphire pendant Being busy gearing up for a show next week (Breeze Art [more]

Simplicity pendants with pebbles and sapphires

Pebbles and sapphires I thought it was time to show some simple pieces here, as [more]

Work in progress; Rugged sapphire and kyanite earrings

Work in progress So, I’m frantically gearing up for the Breeze Art & Makers Fair [more]

She sells sea shells… blue sapphire ring

Blue sapphire ring I wish it was intentional… The fact that this blue sapphire ring [more]

Combine precious sapphire with rustic beach pebbles

Precious sapphire and rustic beach pebble in the same jewellery? Yeah, why not?! One thing [more]

Teresa Dunne handwoven scarf and blue sapphire ring

Blue sapphire ring and lambswool scarf combo I’ve known Teresa for quite a few years, [more]

Sapphire and diamond ring video

Ring video They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, a video is even [more]

Sapphire earrings for summer evenings

Sapphire summer earrings I just made this pair of gorgeous earrings today, and it struck [more]

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