Inspiration from nature

Sunday inspiration... I love the random, raw, rugged and utterly beautiful natural patterns you find [more]

Stud making!

Stud making! Lots of them... I had quite a few to make for shop orders [more]

Cobblestone ring at the Picture Parlour

One of these gorgeous Cobblestone rings went to the Picture Parlour here in Boscastle this [more]

Coastal Scandi re-stock

A whole bunch of lovelies have gone to Coastal Scandi in Wadebridge, so if you're [more]

New blog post about aquamarine necklace

Cool aquamarine anyone? ? It's one of my all time favourite stones. New on the [more]

Pebble bangles for the beach!

Hitting the beach? What better way to accessorise your swimsuit than with a stack of [more]

A special pebble bangle

Earlier this spring I made a pebble bangle for a lovely man who wanted to [more]

Beautiful testimonial for a beautiful cluster pendant

Sonja made me cry! ? Read all about it on my blog! #commissionjewellery #specialorder #bespokejewellery [more]

Vesuvianite and beach pebble ring on the blog

Find out more about this beach pebble and Vesuvianite ring commission on my blog today! [more]

Aquamarine and silver pebble commission

More summery aquamarine! This gorgeous pale powdery blue stone teamed up with 2 handmade silver [more]

Tanzanite and beach pebble ring shipped!

This Tanzanite and beach pebble ring has just gone to its new owner today! Loved [more]

Pebble rings galore!

I had an enquiry about a pebble ring commission the other day, so thought I [more]

Tanzanite and pebble ring off to new owner!

Beautiful purple/lilac Tanzanite and beach pebble team up in this one off ring that is [more]

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