New Rugged pendants now finished!

Finally finished! Really pleased with these new Rugged pendants, lots of gorgeous gemstones and rugged [more]

New Rugged pendants almost there!

Not long now! Patina, stones and final finish, these necklaces should be ready to go [more]

Pendants listed and new blog

A quick reminder that the new pendants are listed in my shop. There is also [more]

Rugged pendants on the go

This was on my bench yesterday; I started making some new pendants for the Rugged [more]

Tourmaline cluster pendant

These gorgeous Rugged pendants have gone off to a new home! Hope to make more [more]

Pendants from the Rugged collection

A few pendants from the new collection! Lovely sparkly gemstones and textured silver, fabulous layered [more]

Cobblestone ring at the Picture Parlour

One of these gorgeous Cobblestone rings went to the Picture Parlour here in Boscastle this [more]

Last of the cluster pendants

Love Labradorite ! ? This flashy blue Labradorite pendant is available in my shop, the [more]

OOAK Aquamarine necklace off to new owner!

These gorgeous one off necklaces are off to their new owner next week! Lovely aquamarine [more]

New Labradorite Simplicity Pendant

New one off pendant! This is another pendant that can be teamed up with for [more]

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