Customer Feedback / Testimonials

I want you to be able to shop with confidence! So I’ve collected a few customer testimonials from some of my many happy customers for you to check out. Customer feedback is one of the first things I look for myself, when I shop online. I find it really helps me decide on who to buy from, if I can read some testimonials or customer reviews. I’m hoping they’ll be helpful to you too!

Many thanks to all my lovely customers who have kindly agreed to have their customer feedback and comments displayed here!

Aquamarine and white pearl stacking rings in brushed silver with gold accents

“I just want to say thank you so much for these beautiful rings. I felt very emotional when I opened the parcel and put them on. They fit so beautifully and they are very comfortable to wear. They perfectly represent my son and daughter using their birth stones with their names engraved inside and the middle ring as a remembrance for the baby we lost 2013. They will forever be so special to me, thank you for the love and care you have put in to them xxx”

Jane, Essex

Read more about this commission on my blog.

one of a kind rings; fossilied coral, sapphire, yellow gold

“Carin, I love the coral ring and absolutely adore the sapphire ring stack – it has lots of admirers!”

Elaine, Berkshire

Handmade beach pebble and white topaz silver pendant.

“It has just arrived – wow, it is so lovely, thank you so much, you have done a fantastic job with it – it is perfect!”

Aran, Berkshire
Commission, beach pebble, tin and cubic zirconia pendant.

“I received the necklace today. It’s amazing, thanks for all your hard work on this, my wife will love it.”

Nick, Cornwall

Aquamarine Stacking Rings in Sterling Silver - Serenity

“It’s beautiful and fits perfectly! A lovely wedding anniversary present from husband. I love the colour of the stone and the fact that I can wear it with all the silver bands or just one of them and it looks equally good. Thank you for your efforts in making it and getting it to the correct size…”

Eve, Warwickshire