The Earring Club – April 2018 Design

We’ve had the odd lovely sunny day recently, but they’ve been few and far between, [more]

A Scandi affair – Thumb rings with a Scandinavian pattern

Recently Michelle came to me with an idea for thumb rings for her and her [more]

March Meet The Maker!

Yesterday I joined in the 31 day Instagram Challenge called “March Meet The Maker“. This is [more]

The Earring Club – March 2018 Design

This month’s earring style is so, so cool with casual clothes, they are not just [more]

The Earring Club – February 2018 Design

This time of year can often feel a bit dreary and damp! So, I thought we [more]

The Earring Club – January 2018 Design

Feel the need for some pared back simplicity? The January earring design is the perfect [more]

The Earring Club – December 2017 Design

Darkness and light, night and day, rugged and refined, all rolled into one! December’s earrings [more]

The Earring Club – November 2017 Design

Texture, patina and plenty of character, the design for November is as full of depth [more]

The Earring Club – October 2017 Design

Gosh, September went so fast and we are nearing Christmas with speed. I love autumn [more]

The Earring Club – September 2017 Design

The September Design The summer holidays are just over and it’s time to get back [more]

The Earring Club – August 2017 Design

The August Design August is here already, and so is the new August Earring Club [more]

The Earring Club – July 2017 Design

The July Design The earring design of the month for July is here! This month [more]

The Earring Club – June 2017 Design

The June Design It’s here – the new earring design for June! The drop shaped [more]

Join The Earring Club! – May 2017 Design

The Earring Club is here! Finally, it’s here! For the next 6 months I’m going [more]

Black Diamond ring – Camali Design featured in Cornwall Living

I just wanted to share a quick bit of news with you! Being an almost [more]

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