Sapphires, pebbles and simplicity, Part II

Here’s part II of my mini series of new Scandi inspired jewelery! Read about my [more]

Just A Card

Yesterday was the first day of Just A Card “Indie Week”. The Just A Card [more]

Sapphires, pebbles and simplicity, Part I

I’m a huge fan of simplicity and love understated and elegant jewellery. I’m guessing it [more]

Inspired by Cornwall – Upcoming collection

EDIT: The Rugged collection is now live! Before I moved to Cornwall I quite often [more]

Birthstone for September – Sapphire

Properties Sapphires are priced according to colour, clarity, size and cut. A natural untreated sapphire [more]

What’s in a name? New logo and exciting future!

My new name and logo What’s in the future? I’ve always liked differrent and contrasting [more]

March Meet The Maker 2018 – Part III

Time for the last part of the March Meet the Maker challenge; days 21-31! Just [more]

Carolyn’s aquamarine and silver pebble pendant – replacing a lost treasure

The lost pendant You may know what it’s like to lose a precious piece of [more]

March Meet The Maker 2018 – Part II

Last week I kicked off the March Meet the Maker challenge part I. Today it’s [more]

March Meet The Maker 2018 – Part I

Did you follow the March Meet the Maker challenge on Instagram? You may remember me [more]

Karen’s triple star pendant – close to the heart

Time and time again I get asked to make very personal and precious pieces. The [more]

Tina’s pebble bangle – a special birthday gift

Living in Cornwall I am of course surrounded by beaches full of gorgeous pebbles. They [more]

Sonja’s aquamarine cluster pendant – a very personal gift

Sonja made me cry… Yes, really! But don’t worry, it was in a good way, [more]

Justin’s beach pebble and Vesuvianite ring – an “almost commission”!

Justin contacted me and wanted me to make a birthday present for his wife. He [more]

The Earring Club – May 2018 Design

Well summer seems to be eluding us… Rain and cold weather doesn’t exactly fill you [more]

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