Everyday Diamonds – a girl’s best friend!

Everyday diamonds

Diamond is of course the birthstone for April, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some diamonds anytime! In fact I think they should be worn on a daily basis and I don’t mean just in engagement and wedding jewellery. I often use diamonds as accents to the gemstones and pebble I use. I also have some classics with a twist such as the little diamond studs set in organic looking silver settings.

I like using so called rustic diamonds which are opaque or semi opaque and coloured, from white through yellow and grey to black, even blue and pink. I sometimes use raw diamond crystals or cube cut raw stones, but mostly I use rose cuts which means they have faceted fronts and flat backs.

Here are just a few of the sparklies incorporating diamonds. To see more pieces with diamonds go to this diamond search.

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