Shop update; new handmade earrings for Mother’s Day

Shop update; new earrings for Mother's Day

A little earring update to treat mum

So I don’t really think you need a reason to treat someone, mum or otherwise, but it’s a thing in this country so I coincided this handmade earring update with that day. I’ve got some gorgeousness for you today!

Tri-colour tourmaline drop earrings

First up is a pair of gorgeous drop earrings with the most amazing tri-coloured tourmalines. These stones are some of the most beautiful and interesting ones I’ve worked with I think. Just look at that pink to orange to black colours!

Labradorite stud drop earrings

Gorgeous blue flashes in these stud drops. Labradorite is one of my all time favourite gemstones. I love the fact that every single stone is different and has different colour and flash. These little smooth gems have blue flash and I’ve added textured drops to them for some swing below your lobes!

Prehnite stud drop earrings

Serene green… Prehnite is a beautiful gemstone with its pale green, semi-transparent qualities. These faceted little fat drops are hung below textured studs and make for a great everyday pair.

Green sapphpire drop earrings

These sapphires are so beautiful with their green base and wisps of blue that I didn’t think they needed much in the way of decoration. Green and gold go so well together so I just added a hint of gold in the little gold granules at the bottom of the drops. Simplicity wins a lot of the time!

Dendritic quartz drop earrings

This gemstone continues to fascinate me! Each and every single one is a one off, you just can’t replicate nature’s beauty. These “upside down” drops are set in simple bezels which showcases the pretty stones with their intriguing internal patterns. Did you know that what looks like little plants embedded in the stones is in fact iron oxides (creates reddish colours) and manganese (the darker colours)? These substances seeped into tiny cracks in the stone many years ago and got incorporated into the stone over time.

That’s it for today, but don’t forget there are loads of other beautiful earrings listed in the shop so be sure to check them all out. And to make sure you don’t miss the next update from me do sign up to my email list below.

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