Ring 9 of 10: Cobalt calcite ring – an ode to the Foxglove!

Cobalt calcite ring - an ode to the Foxglove

I’m not a gardener…

…but I do have some favourite plants and flowers, and Foxglove is definitely one of them! You can’t help but love the colourful and proud stems as they sway gently in the breeze. At the moment they are in full bloom here in Cornwall. I wanted to make a ring that took inspiration from it and so ring number 9 came about!

Cobalt Calcite ring

The Cobalt Calcite ring (sometimes also referred to as Cobalto calcite) features a big chunk of the pretty pink gem with raw crystals almost like sugar, with plenty of sparkle. A pink tourmaline tones with the calcite and a cornflower blue kyanite create some contrast, and I guess that could symbolise the blue sky or the sea, take your pick! The ring band is tapered for comfort as usual and is a split band design. Yet again I’ve used textured sterling silver with fused textures for character, both on the silver top and the shank. The bright brushed finish with polished high spots emphasizes the texture further and adds a little extra shine.

This fabulous ring is the ninth in the “10 rings in 10 weeks” project where I will design and make a ring a week for 10 weeks running. You can see all the rings I’ve made so far here.

Commission a ring

If you like this ring but it isn’t your size, or you’d like something similar made, do get in touch and I will be very happy to discuss a custom order.

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