Ring 7 of 10 – Opal stepping stones

Handmade one of a kind boulder opal and sterling silver ring

10 rings in 10 weeks

My “10 rings in 10 weeks” project allows me to play and encourage my creativity. I also wanted to allow myself time to learn some new skills and work on projects that I’ve been wanting to for a long time, but not got around to. Follow my journey from the first to the 10th ring!

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And now for ring number 7!

Ring 7: Stepping stones in opal and silver

I’ve recently invested in a new toy… I mean tool!! 😆 It allows me to shape stones and I’ve been wanting to have a go at shaping and polishing opals, a favourite gem of mine. So I bought some so called “rubs” from an opal miner in Australia and set to work!

This ring uses three of the little boulder opals I finished, and they gave me the idea of stepping stones. A bit like the ones I sometimes go across to get over River Valency here in Boscastle. I’ve set the opals in a sort of meandering composition, together with hand cast silver pebbles made by recycling silver waste and offcuts from my workshop. The white, turquoise and cobalt blue colours of the opals with their brown ironstone base go so well with the oxidised silver and the ring has a bit of a rustic vibe.

This one off statement opal ring is now available in my shop, ready to ship in a UK size Q (US size 8). You can also see the other rings in the 10 rings series.

The making of the boulder opal ring

Just a few little progress shots of the making of this gorgeous opal ring! The freshly cut opals and the soldering process to make the settings and hand cast silver pebbles.

And here’s the finished ring!

Handmade boulder opal ring in sterling silver
Handmade one of a kind boulder opal and sterling silver ring
Photo by Paul Mounsey

The ring is ready to ship in a UK size Q.

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