MADE Makers Online Design & Craft Fair

MADE Makers Online Design and Craft Fair November 2020

Exciting times! This weekend I’m exhibiting my work as part of the prestigious MADE Makers event. This virtual event is a response by the Tutton & Young team who organise the MADE events, to the challenges we meet at the moment. Creatives are finding themselves not able to reach their clients at events since these have not been running for most of this year, for obvious reasons! So they decided to offer the designers and makers an online alternative. Usually this show happens “for real” around this time of year, at number 1 Marylebone in London. I look forward to the day when this will once again happen, but for now we will make do with this rather amazing online event instead!

Program for MADE Makers Online Design and Craft Fair 2020

I have set up a specific page listing the pieces I have listed on the MADE Makers online web site, so you can browse there. All my usual work is of course also available throughout and afterwards so it’s business as usual so to speak.

If you go to the MADE Makers site you will find a full schedule of what happens during the weekend. You will also find instructions for how the event works along with galleries and links to all the designers/markers. There’s over 140 of them I believe!

I’m doing LIVE video!

I’m going to do 3 Instagram LIVES over the weekend, eeeek!!! I’m scheduled in to the official program for 9.45 am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 6th to 8th of November. These will all happen live on my Instagram profile and I’d love it if you came to watch!

The event start on Thursday night 7pm with a preview evening and goes on over the weekend until Sunday night. Do go and check it out, you won’t regret it! And keep an eye out for my LIVE’s, I will post them on here afterwards if I can!

MADE Makers Online Design and Craft Fair 2020

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