Charmain’s sea glass ring commission

Charmain's sea glass ring commission

The story

“Sea glass holds so many memories for me: sailing the Mediterranean meant lots of ambling along secluded beaches and picking up glass and pebbles along the way. Precious holidays with my daughter reflects time spent together collecting shells and glass and so much more.

The story of the sea glass and its significance to Charmain.

It’s so lovely when you get to create something that has real meaning to the client. Sea glass brings back fond memories for Charmain and to be able to make a piece that she can wear every day and be a constant reminder of those good times, is just brilliant!

The design

Charmain wanted to really focus on the glass piece, which is a lovely muted blue-green colour in an irregular shape, which I love. I tend to stay away from perfectly shaped stones and prefer those with more character. It’s also uneven with different heights across the piece, which even though it makes my job slightly trickier as I need to shape the bezel much more than with a standard stone, it does give it even more character. We agreed that we’d keep it really simple and just set it in a sleek bezel on top of a plain band. I’ve used recycled sterling silver as usual and the ring has a polished finish that contrasts lovely with the frosted surface of the sea glass.

I took some photos for Charmain with the different ways we could set the stone on to the band, and she chose orientation 2 in the photo below.

Choosing orientation of the setting on a custom made ring

The finished ring

I’m really pleased with how the ring turned out, elegant and simple, showcasing the sea glass, which is quite rightly the star of this little show. And luckily for me, Charmain was very happy too!

…I have searched for years to find someone who could create something from my sea glass that would reflect that importance and I found her in Carin Lindberg. Since receiving my ring I haven’t taken it off. Every-time I look at it I’m reminded of my time on Ithaca and that is wonderful. Thank you Carin.”

Sea glass ring commission
The beautifully irregular and organic surface of the sea glass piece.
Custom made ring with Cornish sea glass
The finished sea glass ring commission.

If you’d like a piece of your own made to order, do get in touch and I’d love to help.

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