Lisa’s pendant necklace with dendritic agate and labradorite

Lisa's dendritic agate and labradorite pendant

“Thank you for my lovely pendant!! The stones are gorgeous! I love everything about it? I’ve worn it non stop!”

Lisa’s feedback on her pendant.

Stones on Instagram

Lisa spotted this beautiful dendritic agate in a bench photo on Instagram! I often post pictures of stones I’m working with, or am about to start working on. Sometimes that sparks an interest and I can make the stone into whatever piece my client wants. I had planned to use this stunning dendrite together with a gorgeously flashy blue Labradorite and luckily Lisa liked that idea and we went for that.

Gemstones in bezels on bench, in progress work
A handful of stones on my bench, waiting to be made into pendants.

The design

I set the stones into very simple sleek bezel settings, to make the most of the beautiful stones. I love showcasing beautiful gems and sometimes all they really need is a simple setting. I’m a great advocate of “less is more”. The brushed finish makes this a really elegant and understated, yet contemporary pendant. Apparently Lisa wears it a lot and has had compliments on it too!

Closeup of the glorious gems! Flashy Labradorite and mesmerising dendritic agate.

Lisa also wanted a handmade clasp. We used a lovely sleek rounded box chain, my favourite chain to use, as I think it’s elegant but cool and contemporary too. And because snake chains sometimes feel too generic and a little boring! So, I made a handmade hook clasp and attached that to the box chain. I’m really pleased with the result and it makes a standard chain look much nicer with the handmade touch, to go with the beautiful pendant.

Dendritic Agate and Labraodrite pendant commission in sterling silver
Showing scale in my hand, and the handmade clasp.

A little video

I did a little quick video of the pendant in my hands, that show the glorious gems better than a photograph can!

If this inspired you and you fancy your own custom pendant, I’d love to hear from you to discuss your bespoke pendant!

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