Lavender Turquoise jewellery, a first for me

Lavender turquoise jewellery; ring and pendant

Lavender Turquoise, or Golden Hill Turquoise, or Kazakhstan Turquoise (!) is a relatively new gem, discovered in 2013 in a deposit in a mine in Kazakhstan. This turquoise is some of the most chemically pure turquoise to be found in the world, and its rare color and consistency is one of the most vibrant and durable. It has a light blue hue and a reddish, burnt umber matrix.

This beautiful blue turquoise is a new variety to me. I was lucky enough to get hold of some of it in cabochon form, and made a couple of fabulous new pieces. First up is a Lavender Turquoise ring with a brushed “tangled” band. This ring style has been popular before, so I hope to do some more of these bands.

Second is this gorgeous duo pendant where the Kazakhstan turquoise is teamed up with a textured silver pendant, both finished in bright silver.

So there we have it! I actually have a few more new stones of this gorgeous materials, so if you fancy something similar made for you especially, do get in touch. See below for the stones I have in stock right now.

Lavender turquoise in stock

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