Carol’s Dendritic Agate ring

Carol's Dendritic Agate ring commission

“Carin surpassed my (very high) expectations by creating the piece so beautifully and professionally. I am thrilled with the finished product.”

After seeing a ring on my Instagram feed Carol came to me with an idea for a ring with a gorgeous Dendritic agate set in sleek silver. We went through a few iterations of trying to select a stone but actually ended up using a stone she had found herself in the end!

She wanted the ring to have a brushed silver setting, a simple statement ring basically and the stone she chose suited this perfectly. It was a large agate full of characterful dendrites, just beautiful!

Ring band and stone setting

We then went on to work out what ring band she liked and how to set the stone onto it. Carol had seen a couple of different ones I’ve done and we chose between a simple half round shank, and a faceted one. Furthermore, should the oval shaped stone be set traditionally in the same direction as the finger, or perpendicular to this? A few of the images below, that I sent her during this process will explain this better!

Ring in progress, which was to set it?
Choosing orientation of stone on the ring
Choosing ring band for a dendritic agate ring commission
Choosing ring band; smooth half round OR faceted?
This also showed the two options for orientation of the stone on the band.

Final result

I think Carol made a great choice; she went for a simple D-shape band and the stone set along the finger. A classic setting that makes the most of the stone and really showcases it rather than distracting. Often I think that “less is more” and I certainly think so in this case! The silver has a brushed matte finish which really finishes off this gorgeous one of a kind ring.

Handmade dendritic agate and sterling silver ring commission
Final result, what a stunning stone!

Carol’s feedback

I was delighted when I heard from Carol after she received her ring. Her feedback was so lovely and everything I could ever ask for. Very lovely indeed!

“Commissioning Carin to make my ring was a pleasure from start to finish. She was super organised, made helpful suggestions along the way, kept me informed of progress and then surpassed my (very high) expectations by creating the piece so beautifully and professionally. I am thrilled with the finished product.”

“I cannot recommend Carin too highly – I have commissioned many pieces of jewellery before, but have never had a better experience. I see Carin as being the best type of artisan – one who not only provides artistic guidance, advice and a totally seamless service, but also a gifted jeweller who has the ability to make beautiful pieces of wearable art that her customers adore.”

Carol wearing her dendritic agate ring commission
The ring looks really great on Carol! (her own photo)

What amazing feedback! Carol’s message truly made my day. I was a bit lost for words really, not like me at all! 🙂

Another of Carol’s own photos!

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