Clare and her girls – a sea glass ring commission

Handmade sea glass rings in brushed sterling silver

Clare came to me with a little glass jar full of locally picked sea glass, from the beach that she and her two daughters have been roaming for years, while the girls were growing up. She was just about to go on a fantastic trip to Australia where one of her daughters live, to meet up with her and her other daughter. To mark the occasion and give the girls something that always would remind them of “home”, she wanted 3 rings made with some of the beach glass; one each for her daughters, and one for herself.

What a treat! I love it when jewellery is especially meaningful and it doesn’t get much better than this. Clare had good ideas of what each of them wanted in terms of design so all I needed to do was interpret those and tweak to work with the pieces of glass we chose for each of them. We’ve got simple and understated and more layered and “boho”! Here are a few photos of the rings in progress and the finished articles.

Sea glass and silver on the bench, ready to start making rings
Bezels and ring bands in the making
Seaglass and silver ring; ready to set the glass into the ring
Sea glass set and the ring is ready for finishing
Blue sea glass and sterling silver rings
A little cluster of sea glass and silver rings!
One of a kind rings in sterling silver with blue and green beach sea glass
Line’em up!

Final verdict

I recently caught up with Clare and asked how the trip went and if the girls liked their rings. It had been the trip of a lifetime and they were all so happy seeing each other and the rings just made it even better. This is what Clare had to say about the rings:

“My daughters were totally thrilled with the rings! As am I. Each one suits the wearer perfectly and they love the idea of us all having something which ties us together wherever we are in the world.”

Clare, Cornwall
Clare and her daughters wearing their rings, out in Australia
Handmade sea glass rings in brushed sterling silver

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