New gemstone rings on a garden outing

handmade gemstone rings on garden outing

New gemstone rings on garden outing

These newly finished gemstone rings got an outing in the garden the other day! Taking photos in natural light is always great, so I thought I’d use the garden as a backdrop instead of my usual grey background. More specifically the old stone wall of our little stone outbuilding. This is what’s going to become my workshop/studio hopefully later this year, depending on what will be possible in the current times.

Gorgeous steely blue aquamarine on a textured band followed by a stunning shaded green tourmaline offset on a textured band, both with dark patina. Last but certainly not least, an icy blue geometric cut of aquamarine set on a textured band, this time with a bright brushed, partially polished finish. This last finish is something I’m testing out a bit at the moment, do you like it?

handmade gemstone rings in sterling silver

And here’s the back of the ring shanks! I always try to make wide rings taper towards the back if the design allows for it, as on these gem set rings. It makes them more comfortable to wear and not too wide if you have fingers that aren’t that long.

showing the backs of handmade gemstone and silver rings

That’s it for today, next up are some more one off rings, all with tourmaline! Watch this space…

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