Rainbow Moonstone studs commission

Rainbow Moonstone stud earring commission

Rainbow moonstone stud earrings

Back towards the end of last year I did an arts and crafts event, for the first time in many years. While there I had two ladies that repeatedly came and looked at the same pair of earrings. Eventually one of them came and bought the earrings. Those earrings were the ones in the photo below, one of the first one off pairs I made for the Rugged Collection, which launched the year before.

Rainbow Moonstone and textured silver drop stud earrings

To commission a pair of earrings

Shortly after I had sold the earrings, the second lady came back and wanted them too! Of course, they were now sold and she was really disappointed and annoyed that she had left it too long and got pipped to the post. So, I told her that I make jewellery to order and I’d be able to make her a similar pair. Of course, one of a kind pieces mean just that; I won’t make another identical pair again. It is also nigh on impossible, even if I wanted to, a most of the stones I use are one offs and not calibrated varieties. However, sourcing similar stones and working to a similar design is possible and that’s what I did for this lady.

Below are some photos that I sent to her while we selected the stones for her earrings. This is typical for the kind of interaction I have with clients when we work together on a special order like this. I source stones or show the ones I have in stock, the client selects and we then finalise the design etc.

Rainbow moonstone available for commissions
Selecting stones for an earring commission
Narrowing down stone choices
Rainbow moonstone stud earrings on the bench

The commissioned stud earrings

Below is the final result of this commission. The earrings are very similar but they will never be exactly the same. The stones are slightly different in shape, size and colouring. The textures are also never the same, due to the technique that is used. These are the reasons why I mostly make one of a kind pieces; it never gets boring or repetitive, always new and fresh!

Rainbow Moonstone stud earring commission

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